Women’s health service

This page provides you access to our ‘Women’s Health Service’ which is provided in support of our ‘General’ service. Prior to accessing this service we need to inform you that the service is:

Not to be used for:

- Matters of an URGENT nature;
- Matters relating to General Services [ie GP Services].
- Matters relating to our Physio Service [ie Neck pain, back pain etc].
- Prescriptions [ie Repeat Prescriptions, Medication enquiries etc].
- Administrative enquiries [ie Sick Notes, Private Requests etc].
- Travel Health enquiries [ie Vaccines, Advice etc].

It is to be used:

- for routine matters relating to the menopause, HRT, contraception, coils and implants.

You can access this service by completing an online form.

Date published: 9th May, 2024
Date last updated: 9th May, 2024