Physio appointments

This page provides you access to our ‘First Contact Physio’ [FCP] which is provided to us through the local company PURE. However, prior to accessing this service we need to inform you that:

This service is not to be used for:

- Matters of an URGENT nature;
- Matters relating to General Services [ie GP Services].
- Matters relating to Women’s Health [ie HRT, Menopause, Contraception etc].
- Prescriptions [ie Repeat Prescriptions, Medication enquiries etc].
- Administrative enquiries [ie Sick Notes, Private Requests etc].
- Travel Health enquiries [ie Vaccines, Advice etc].

This service is however to be used for matters relating to back, neck etc pain related matters whether routine or urgent.

You can access this service using our online service - askmyGP

Date published: 9th May, 2024
Date last updated: 9th May, 2024